Ascomycete look-alike Basidiomycetes.

This is quite a artficial group of basidiomycete fungi from different sections, having in common their cupulate and hairy fruitbodies without gills.

A great deal of the species tend to be xerotolerant and are closing their Fruitbodies during drought, they can be found at air exposed places. For example Ch. muscicola was found at 3,5 M hight on bark-overgrowing moss.


Merismodes anomalus (Pers.: Fr.) Sing.

Mareina monacha

Mareina monacha (Speg.) Cooke


Lachnella villosa (Pers.: Fr.) Gillet

Chromocyphella muscicola

Chromocyphella muscicola (Fr.) Donk

Phaeosolenia densa

Phaeosolenia densa (Berk.) Cooke

Calyptella capula

Calyptella capula (Holmskj.:Fr.) Quelét

Flagelloscypha minutissima

Flagelloscypha minutissima (Burt) Donk